Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Squeakys Pants the Beginning

I am currently the sports coordinator at the Wolf Creek YMCA. This Blog is the just the beginning to the boredom that i face on a daily basis at the YMCA. Lets Begin:

.Today squeaky left his office for the sole purpose of taking the only joy our front desk had in life during a long hard day of work at the Wolf Creek YMCA. He came out to take away the Internet from the computers. For some reason he felt that having the internet up at the front desk was taking away from the members experince here at our YMCA. This was not true though the front desk staff became enraged with the new rule and started to be rude to members because they were not able to do the things that enjoyed most (ex. Facebook and of course this blog). It will be intresting to see how the front desk staff will react from now on in the work place. Will they continue to be rude to members, will they tell squeaky where to stick his hike up pants, or will they just go about their business like nothing happened. Stay tuned for the results

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